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Freestyle Love Supreme has now transformed our unique blend of improv, storytelling, and hip-hop into a hands-on 8-week class. We tested a beta version of this course last Fall and it was met with rave reviews. After some finishing touches, our premiere FLS Academy class is now accepting applications from YOU.

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The Teachers

Freestyle Love Supreme Academy is created and run directly by FLS Members. Current teachers include seasoned freestyle facilitators Chris “Shockwave” Sullivan and Andrew “Jelly Donut” Bancroft. Guest teachers may include Anthony “TwoTouch” Veneziale, James “J-Soul” Iglehart, and Arthur “The Geniuses” Lewis.

The Classes

Our introductory class, Foundations of Freestyle, includes seven 3-hour classes and culminates in a live performance on the eighth and final week. Held at the groundbreaking Ars Nova Theater, the sessions cover a range of topics including beatboxing, word flow, improv skills, and telling your authentic truth through music. Cost: $550

Photograph by JONX PILLEMER

Once students complete Foundations of Freestyle, they will be invited to audition for additional offerings, set to launch mid-2019.

Class Dates

Class Teacher Dates/Times Status
Foundations of Freestyle Andrew Bancroft, plus guests Sundays 4-7pm, 3/17 – 5/5 Accepting Applications (due 3/1)
Foundations of Freestyle Chris Sullivan, plus guests Mondays 7-10pm, 3/18 – 5/5 Accepting Applications (due 3/1)

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